How To Convert an Image Into Text (Conversion Formula 2019)


In the age where paperless culture is on the upsurge, and with the advent of modern technologies, how are traditional practices of handwritten and printed documents ever going to compete?

It seems difficult for traditional practices to stand against modern technologies. The time is not that too far when we all adopt a completely paperless working in our personal life.

According to the latest study, top futurists and technology analysts suggested that a fully paperless culture is on the horizon or a generation away.

Even now, in your daily life there comes an often situation when you incurred with informational images or portable document that possess significant textual content. The images possess important text you may need to extract for use in the near future.

Such a situation may put you in complex thinking. Whether type the words or phrases in a separate Word Document or rather craft a notepad file. But typing a document from scratch take a lot of precious time.

This problem brings the remarkable rise of document scanning in this era of modern technology. Does the question arise why one should spend an ample of time writing or creating a new document? Luckily, you no longer need to devote time to creating a new document in order to convert an image into text form.

There are several options available over the internet that helps you convert an image into text. We feel immense pleasure to share these tools and software that will answer your query on how to convert an image into text in no time.

With the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, one can easily convert an image into text. These online tools implement the latest technology optical character recognition as their strength. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the latest technology that read images of various formats, handwritten text, and printed text on any piece of paper. OCR read the text then converts into machine coded text and present you in your desired output. Optical character recognition is the answer to your query about how to convert an image into text.

OCR software can be efficiency shortcuts for students, researchers, and office workers. We proudly present 4 top notches OCR’s applications that convert an image into text.

  1. My free OCR
  2. Microsoft OneNote
  3. Photo Scan
  4. Easy Screen OCR
  • My Free OCR

My free OCR is the best online image to text converter available over the internet. My free OCR supports a wide range of languages including English, French, Italian, Japanese and so on. In addition, this online tool can handle various formats including JPG, PNG, JPEG, and PDF. Above all, this is a free yet perfect image to text converter online tool.

Follow out the listed steps in a sequence in order to convert image into the text:

  • Go the official website of My Free OCR through your browser.
  • On reaching its home webpage, upload the image or file.
  • Select the language accordingly.
  • Select the desired output formats of extracted text.
  • Click the Convert button to initiate the process.
  • After the completion downloads your file into your computer.

Special Features of MY FREE OCR:

My Free OCR as the finest image to text converter shares the following special features.

  • It precisely converts an image into text.
  • It keeps the layout and formatting well-maintained.
  • It supports various formats including PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG as the input file.
  • It supports TXT, DOC, and PDF as output file.
  • It supports low-resolution images.
  • Works online, no installation required


  • Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote has the latest OCR functionality and mechanism, which works on both pictures and handwritten notes. Microsoft OneNote has to offer a built-in OCR function that is very easy to use if you need to convert an image into text.  This OCR tool offer to extract text from a single image or you can also extract text from multiples files and images.

Have a look upon its Step by Step Guide:

  • Simply drag a scanned image or a saved picture into OneNote.
  • Now Right Click the inserted image.
  • Select “Copy Text from Picture” option.
  • It will extract all text from an image file; you can copy it and save where you want.
  • Photo-Scan

Photo-scan is a desktop based OCR tool available for Windows operating system. You can easily download this application from the Microsoft Store free of cost. This application comes with both OCR Scanner and a QR Code Reader. It supports multiples file or image formats and you can save output files in various formats including HTML, Rich-Text file, XML, and Log formats, etc. The photo-scan application also supports text to speech feature as well.

Let’s convert the image into the text from these following steps:

  • Download the Photo-Scan Application from Microsoft Store.
  • Install the application on your computer.
  • Open the application, and upload your image file.
  • Click the Convert Button to initiate the extraction process.
  • Extracted text will be shown in the right pane of the application, you can copy, edit this text.


  • Easy Screen OCR

Easy Screen OCR is fast and convenient desktop based OCR software. It is free till your 20 conversions of the image into text. It allows you to select more than 100 recognition languages for this tool uses Google’s OCR engine in the backend. It is a user-friendly OCR.

Let’s check out how this tool works:

  • Download the Photo-Scan Application over the internet.
  • Install the application on your computer.
  • Open the application, and upload your image file.
  • Set the OCR recognition language.
  • Press OCR Button to convert an image into text.
  • Copy, edit and save the extracted text.


These are the most feasible online tools that help you convert an image into the text from various image file formats. Above all, these tools are free of cost and easy to use as well. We highly recommend you to verify the texts after the process as sometimes result of OCR are not accurate.

Let us conclude with a smart recommendation for you in terms of best online tools that are available for free over the internet. Here are my top 4 online tools to convert an image into text.

  • My Free OCR
  • Light PDF
  • I2OCR
  • OCR Space

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Brawl Star is a wonderful game for iOS users which they can easily download from the App Store without spending a penny. The game is absolutely free still you need to spend some real money in order to get some of the game items for you. It is one of the fully featured gaming apps which enable you to disable in-app purchases from your device’s settings in case if you are really not interested in them.

Some of the main features of Brawl Star Game are: –

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Different Events in the Brawl Star Game

The Brawl Star game is all about gaining different coins and upgrading tokens in order to unlock new brawlers in the game. The best way of learning a lot about the game is to join a band so that you can share your strategies and battles together along with other players. There are four different game events in the Brawl Star Game which enables you to enjoy the extreme experience of playing games. With Brawl Stars Mod Apk, You Unlock all the features.

These are: –

  • Bounty: This main objective of this mode of the Brawl Star game is to make as much as kills you can do. On each kill, you will get a bounty which in turn will provide you a star. More will be the stars you have higher will be the rank of yours in the game and hence the player along with a higher number of stars in the fight of 2 minutes and 30 seconds will be the winner of the game. There is some high value kills as well in the game which will enable you to make some extra score.
  • Heist: Heist is one of the most amazing modes of the game Brawl Star in which you have to defend your player from the attack on the opponents. In addition to it, you also need to destroy safe containing valuable jewels in the game so as to get more score. The best way to make a better score in this game is to use long-range brawlers which will enable you to shoot open the safe free without getting harm yourself. Some of the maps included in the game are embedded with more number of attackers and defenders which make it somewhat difficult to win the game.
  • Showdown: It is another wonderful event of the game in which you need you to fight to the death. It is actually a 10 player’s game in which you have to fight against other nine foes. You will receive a power-up, each time you kill an enemy of yours. These power-ups help in raising your stats and make it easier to kill your enemies and hence enable you to win the trophy of the winner. You will have to face a toxic gas in the center of the app where you have to kill your opponent; either you will suffocate to death.
  • Smash & Grab: It is one of the most wonderful modes of the game in which you need to collect and hold a minimum of 10 gems for 16 seconds only. You will receive these gems from the center of the map and also need to save them by fighting with them. The team who earns a minimum of 10 coins in less time will go to be the winner of this interesting The game will get end up for you as soon as you meet the death.

The currency of the game Brawl Star

Each game requires having some currency in the game in order to gain more advantage in the game. This game also includes some currency just as all the Supercell games have such as gold, elixir, and gems. On earning 100 gold each, you will be able to open up various chests of the game which will further enable you to get a more hidden reward. Also, you will also get upgraded your brawlers in the game by the usage of elixir in the game. Higher will be the number of trophies you won in the game; higher will be your rank in the game.

Characters included in the game Brawl Star

It is a team based top-down shooter at heart game which consists of a total of 15 different brawlers overall each having their own strengths and weaknesses. All of these brawlers are further classified into different sections such as common, rare, epic and legendary. Each brawler has own role towards the various events and game progresses and hence is totally different from each other.

Common Brawlers

  • EI Primo: EI Primo is one of the extremely short range characters which use his fists as a primary form of attack. It is actually a tank which can store a lot of hits and a very slow speed.
  • Colt: It is one of the fragile common characters who are extremely weak health and has the capability of 6 bullet rapid-fire It is one of the best starting characters who own an attacking power of Shelly and a range of Jessie.
  • Shelly: Shelly is one of the poster characters who has a medium to low range weapon. It is best to be used by the players having poor aim. She has a regular attack and hence causes significantly more damage.
  • Dynamike: It is a common brawler who has low hit points but a very higher damage output. He generally attacks by throwing dynamite which further blows up and causes severe damage in a small radius.
  • Nita: Nita is a common character of Brawl Star game that actually looks like a small innocent girl. Yet she is the youngest player of the game; still, her attack is a shockwave tremor to the opponents and causes a lot of damage.

Rare Brawlers

  • Bull: Bull is a rare brawler who uses a shotgun to deal with the opponents. It has a higher amount of hit points along with a short to mid-range combat.
  • Jessie: Jessie is another rare brawler which attacks by spawns something. She is actually a long-range character which attacks its opponent by firing a single bullet. If this bullet hits the payer, it will angle itself to another player too and hence more powerful.
  • Brock: Brock is a rare brawler who causes serious damage to its opponents if aimed carefully. The character includes a long-range rocket that is quite capable of causing higher damage in a small area of impact.
  • Barley: Barley is a rare brawl star character who is low on health but has a unique type of attacking skills which causes a great damage to the opponent. It throws bottles of liquids on its opponents.

Super Rare Brawlers

  • Darryl: Darryl is a super rare brawler which includes a high amount of health and also is proficient of causing a lot of damage on these opponents with the help of double barrel shotguns which he always carries along with him.
  • Ricochet: Ricochet is a super rare brawler which includes low health but moderate damage output. The attack of this character is unique and is basically made with the help of bullets which can bounce off of walls and keep traveling.
  • Bo: Bo is another super rare brawler which includes a high amount of health and attacks its opponents by firing exploding arrows which are capable of causing moderate damage to the long-range players.
  • Poco: Poco is a super rare character who attacks his opponents with the help of a strum from his guitar which further creates a shock wave of music which further spreads out and cause an AOE attack on his opponent. Valentine Poco Skin in new Lwarb Brawl Servers looks awesome.

Epic Brawlers

  • Piper: Piper is an epic character who attacks with the help of a white bullet. These bullets move very fast and hence are capable of causing very heavy damage. The only drawbacks of this character are that it is not much of health and also take a lot of time to reload.
  • Pam: Pam is an epic brawler character which helps his teammates by healing the nearby one. It attacks by shooting a burst of scrap metal in a seeping pattern. The character owns high health and is capable of causing real damage in a larger area.

Mythic Brawlers

  • Mortis: Mortis is a mythic brawler who uses unique attacking movements to cause a great damage to the enemies. He uses the Super to summons a swarm of bats which further drain the health of his enemies which he goes on hitting.
  • Tara: Tara is another Mythic brawler who owns a moderate amount of hit points. She attacks her enemies by throwing tarot cards on them which causes a moderate amount of damage to them.

Legendary Brawlers

  • Crow: Crow is a legendary brawler character that attacks his enemies by throwing three quick poisoned daggers on them which causes extra damage over the time when impacted. Crow is a long-range character but have low health and moves faster than that of other brawlers.
  • Spike: Spike is a legendary brawler who has special powers in order to deal with grouped up enemies. The character includes low health and attacks by exploding and shooting spikes in all direction which ultimately cause damage to enemies in all direction.


Brawl Star Game was developed by the developers of the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale but is entirely different from them. It is a game which includes a sort of league of legends in order to get a victory in the game. It is going to be a fresh change in the series of Clash which you are surely going to love.