Amazing & Unexplored Uses of USB Hub

If you are a 21st century kid, you definitely know what a USB hub is, and if you are not, you must still know how to use one because the possible uses and benefits of this piece of technology are too many for you to not need one yourself. USB hubs are very popular desk accessories particularly for those who make good use of USB enabled devices.  Here are 5 best uses of USB hubs.

  1. Use it with a laptop that has only a few USB ports

There are very few laptops which have quite a few USB ports and many do not have more than two or three. USB hubs are needed in such a case. If you want to plug in a keyboard, a mouse, a printer and an external hard-drive all at the same time, you cannot manage it unless you have a USB hub.

  1. Use it if your laptop’s USB ports are too close to use all at once

Your laptop might have many ports but if they are to close together, it would not be possible to use them together. USB hubs can be used here so that you can overcome this problem.

  1. Use it as a charging station

Another one of the best uses of a USB hub is as a charging station. If you have a powered USB hub, charge several devices without having to plug in to your laptop. Do so after plugging in to your laptop if the USB hub is not powered. There are many devices that can be charged via USB.

  1. Use a hub if you need to move data

If you stuck trying to move data between several different devices, the USB hub is your solution! Connect the different devices to your laptop using a USB hub and do the shifting all at once.

  1. Use it to save your laptop’s energy

A powered USB hub generates its own power and acts as a second source of energy for the devices. Attaching many devises directly to your laptop eats up a lot of its energy and might lower its lifespan and using a powered hub will save your laptop’s energy greatly.

USB hubs can thus be seen to have many uses and are still necessary in many situations. Their benefits and uses cannot be ignored and these uses ensure that USB hubs are still used today.

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