Patients are usually scared of getting pain through any operation. But some solutions simplify the painful process. Anesthesia is used to numb the place of surgery so the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the surgery. Dental anesthesia includes brand name Novocain. Sometimes Novocain is combined with another drug to increase the timing of numbness. It is usually used in dental surgeries.

Use of anesthesia

There are several facts about why anesthesia is one of the important things to be considered in every medical surgery. Some of the facts are:

* It lowers the risk of pain for patients and makes it easy for the doctor to carry out surgery

* It also helps to calm down a nervous or anxious patient. If the patient is not fully calm, it can be difficult to carry the procedure.

* Anesthesia helps to numb the area of infection. You will be in your senses and awake.

* In different dental surgery like removal of infected tooth, root canals or wisdom tooth removal anesthesia is one of the main purposes of the surgery.

* The drug will take few minutes to take effect, after an hour the effect will wear off. But for a stronger and higher doze, other kinds of drugs are also available

Types of anesthesia

One of the famous kind of anesthesia used largely by dentists is Novocain. It was widely used in the United States. The local anesthetic where the patient was still awake and did not feel the area of treatment. While Novocain stops the nerves to send a pain signals to the brain.

Novocain effect

The first concern of every patient is that how long does Novocaine last? It can be due to the fear of getting the sensation of pain during surgery or after the surgery will it take long to wear off Novocain numbness. Both situations are considered equally. Sometimes if the patient is too conscious or scared of pain, Novocain is combined with another drug to increase the timing of numbness.

Side effects of anesthesia

When a voluntary action is sent to the brain it will have side effects later because you are stopping your brain for the natural signal of pain. But not to worry as the time passes and the drug wears off so does the side effect. You might feel dizzy as it’s obvious. The tingling sensation around the infected area is expected due to given anesthesia. Headache can also be expected due to doze and sleepiness.

Why is Novocain used?

If you have an infected tooth, the possibility is that anesthetic will be less effective. The acidity of tissue increases due to infection, due to which the local anesthetic becomes sensitive to pH level. This can also reduce the effect of anesthesia in any dental procedure.

Now the solution here is to use Novocain on an infected tooth which will decrease the above-mentioned possibilities hence making it easy for patients to bear and for the doctor to carry the surgery smoothly.



Technology has been changed every year, providing more convenient ways to humankind.  One of the best technologies regarding road safety is a wireless backup camera. Mostly drivers face difficulty in the back view of the car. Side cameras can only give one side of the view while installing a backup camera gives you the whole picture. It should be mandatory by the government to use backup cameras and that every vehicle should come with its features already installed. This will not only give you safety but also decrease the rate of road accidents. There are some of the main reasons why every RV should have a backup camera.


It is the main essence of having a backup camera, safety. Safety on roads comes first. If you have noticed, RVs are heavier and thus they are slow. The tricky parts come when the vehicle behind is too close to the RV, you can’t see it until and unless you have a back access mirror which is the wireless backup camera. So it is important for all our heavy cargo carrying like trailers and trucks to have a safety backup camera. Trailers backup camera reviews are positive as it is required by every trailer to have it. It is better to invest less than investing after getting huge damage to your vehicle. Our technologies have always surprised us. Just backup wireless or wired cameras, you can also use their monitor via Smartphone.


After safety comes security. Talking about security means that if you are in a situation where you would avoid stepping out of your vehicles like a trailer or an RV rather than checking from your cameras what is the situation outside. It might be you hear a noise or voice too close late at night. It’s not safe to abruptly step out of the vehicle and search. Sitting inside and getting aware of the situation is a better option. For that, you would have to install a wireless backup camera. Moreover, it also prevents road accidents which are the main purpose of having backup cameras. You can even watch if any animal etc comes the way you can easily handle it on time.


Backup cameras have two types, wireless and wired. Wireless requires the least planning to install. It requires a power source that is used by fitting it in the license plate light. Whereas wired cameras connect the camera to the monitor. It has a strong constant signal and a clear picture.

The best way is to take your RV and get it installed by the professionals.

Trailers backup camera reviews of position

There is a variety of cameras available in the market in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to picking up cameras for RV can be different. Usually, backup cameras for a car are mounted on back at the license plate level.  Whereas in RV the position of the camera is different. Due to its higher larger back area, the camera is placed high up on the roof. This gives a wider area of view which is essential in every RV. One should get the camera that has infrared Lights for night use because they don’t have the benefit to use backup lights due to the high placement of cameras.


Forgotten your password and stuck trying to recover it? Look no further. It may not always be easy to recover a password and if the protection procedure has been done with care, you will need one of the following methods to recover your password. These lost password recovery methods are useful in recovering any type of password.

  • Brute force attack

The brute force attack is the most popularly used password recovery method that simply means trying all possible character combination in place of the password. Although this method guarantees success, it is very time-consuming. This method might be useful for small password but is very difficult and time-consuming for longer passwords.

  • Dictionary search

This method uses a dictionary. To crack the password, you would need to try all the words in the dictionary. For this password recovery method, a Good Dictionary, also called a word-list is ideal. This type of dictionary also includes non-standard words like ‘qwerty’ which are often used as passwords. This method is fast and efficient. The only condition is that the password must exist in the dictionary. Although the probability of the password existing in the dictionary is not very high, this method must be tried before proceeding to the harder methods because the dictionary search does not take much time.

  • Smart force attack

This is a more advanced form of the brute force attack. This method assumes that the combination of characters is not meaningless and does not contain digits. This method is effective in cracking up to 11 character passwords, however is useless in machine-generated “random” passwords.

  • Password variation

The user could have typed an incorrect password and need to crack it. The mistake could be an error or typing the password with Caps lock on. To use this method, the user must remember the approximate appearance of the password but cannot recall it. In such a case, every possible variant of the approximation needs to be tried.

  • Automatic mode

This method is actually a combination of all of these methods. It uses the Dictionary Attack, Smart Force Attack and the Brute Force with different settings. If you do not want to go into the details of all the methods, the automatic mode does that for you.

From all the above mentioned methods, the Brute Force is the only method that guarantees success. None of them however, can be said to be the best. If you know anything about the password, like the beginning or the end, do enter that. The method you should use, therefore, depends on your requirements and all methods are useful.

Multiple playing cards chinese sports

Sports cards have been a trend which has been there for centuries and its importance has kept growing. So, what exactly are sports playing cards and how do they differ from other game cards?

If you’re someone who wants to get a better understanding of what sports playing cards are and how they’re used, make sure to give this a read.

Sports playing cards: what are they?

Sports cards are known as trading cards which deal with the genre of sports, and they were among the earliest known cards. They are designed with the picture of a player on one side and statistics or such information on the other side. They have been produced featuring the main sports such as basketball, boxing, baseball, racing, ice hockey, golf, tennis etc. for major professional sports, a set of cards are issued, and companies are responsible for paying the players for the rights of using their images.

These cards usually feature only the professional athletes giving rare chance of amateur athletes making their way on the card.

Sports playing cards are a new trend that emerges and with latest versions comes the ease of making custom playing cards which give you the option of designing high-quality, full colored cards for your sports team.

Here’s how to make your custom playing cards!

If you think it’s difficult to design sports playing cards for your team, you may need to think again because here are some simple steps that you can follow for it!

  1. Sports template design: The very first step is choosing the right template design for your sports team. You can scan through the vast variety and choose the ones that you think are perfect for your team!
  2. Number of play cards: Next you need to decide how many play cards you’ll be needing. Think of the number and decide how much you think you’ll need.
  3. Designing your card: Go on the online card maker and upload your sports cards photos, crop them and drag them onto the cards. Then add the text according to your choice and choose the font, color and style.
  1. Previewing and ordering: Preview your design and finally add them to the card to place your order.
Playing cards arranged

Playing cards arranged

Sports playing cards collection

Most people, sport lovers in particular actually get themselves in the hobby of collecting sports playing cards because that is something they love and wouldn’t mind investing their money there. Much often, people are fond of the idea of keeping sports playing cards, if not anything else, then as a hobby. For these sport lovers, keeping their sports card collection managed and set helps keep their goals clear in their minds.

It is out of love for sports and for the sake of fun that people take out both, time and money for this collection and may surprise many others of this interesting hobby.

All of this may feel a bit weird to us but there are people around the world who are ready to invest this amount for their hobbies. Surprising right?

If you are a 21st century kid, you definitely know what a USB hub is, and if you are not, you must still know how to use one because the possible uses and benefits of this piece of technology are too many for you to not need one yourself. USB hubs are very popular desk accessories particularly for those who make good use of USB enabled devices.  Here are 5 best uses of USB hubs.

  1. Use it with a laptop that has only a few USB ports

There are very few laptops which have quite a few USB ports and many do not have more than two or three. USB hubs are needed in such a case. If you want to plug in a keyboard, a mouse, a printer and an external hard-drive all at the same time, you cannot manage it unless you have a USB hub.

  1. Use it if your laptop’s USB ports are too close to use all at once

Your laptop might have many ports but if they are to close together, it would not be possible to use them together. USB hubs can be used here so that you can overcome this problem.

  1. Use it as a charging station

Another one of the best uses of a USB hub is as a charging station. If you have a powered USB hub, charge several devices without having to plug in to your laptop. Do so after plugging in to your laptop if the USB hub is not powered. There are many devices that can be charged via USB.

  1. Use a hub if you need to move data

If you stuck trying to move data between several different devices, the USB hub is your solution! Connect the different devices to your laptop using a USB hub and do the shifting all at once.

  1. Use it to save your laptop’s energy

A powered USB hub generates its own power and acts as a second source of energy for the devices. Attaching many devises directly to your laptop eats up a lot of its energy and might lower its lifespan and using a powered hub will save your laptop’s energy greatly.

USB hubs can thus be seen to have many uses and are still necessary in many situations. Their benefits and uses cannot be ignored and these uses ensure that USB hubs are still used today.


What is a Web Hosting Service?

Web Hosting Services are a vital part to your business especially in the modern world, where most of the businesses have moved onto and is being conducted online or over the Internet. Businesses that have websites to sell or promote their products and services need web hosting services. It helps to gain a customer base and for customers to see the content on your website with ease.

What is the Purpose of a Web Hosting Service?

The main purpose of web hosting services it to aid a business or organization to have their website posted onto the Internet. Web hosting service providers are also businesses that provide services to other types of businesses having a website. The web hosting service providers host or store the websites on servers. Businesses or organizations are required to have their own domains. In order for customers to access or view their website, they need to type out the website domain on their search browser and then their computer will connect it to the server which will then deliver the webpage of the website through the search browser.

In the case that a business does not already have a domain, then the web hosting services will help in purchasing a domain.

Are Web Hosting Services good for Businesses?

In order to have your website posted onto the Internet, a web hosting service is vital for the website to be connected to a server. But there is much more to it than that. Along with providing a server, a web hosting service also helps to make sure that the businesses’ website is running 24/7 without any delays or complications.

Moreover, the web hosting service providers provide an in-house support to aid in troubleshooting problems occurring on the website. It provides a seamlessly easy, smooth and trouble-free experience to its clients, so that they could entirely focus on running their business and putting all of their time and energy into it without further distractions. This will eventually increase the productivity and efficiency of their business.

In order to be able to choose the best web hosting service provider, HelpMePickIt can be used as guidance. If you are running a business, having the best web hosting service is important which should be very reliable to avoid having your customers face issues of being unable to access your website.

As for every minute your website is down you may end up losing the money that could have been made if the issue had not occurred. Click Here recommends the sewing machines aslo, by narrowing down your options and finding one which is best suitable to the type of business you are running which affordable rates.




A metropolitan area more commonly referred to as metropolis is comprised of a major city together with its suburbs and nearby cities or towns. The major city exercises full control and command both economically and socially. Over the years, metropolitan cities have become key economic and political regions. The very concept of the metropolitan statistical area has gained a lot of fame and hence generates a lot of attraction among the general public who wishes to settle here.

Living in the center of a metropolitan city has numerous positive impacts as well as negative ones. Although it is crucial to think of both sides of the picture, we will focus on the benefits of living in the center of a metropolitan as compared to other areas.

  1. Better job opportunities

There are more jobs opportunities available in the center of a metropolitan city as compared to other areas. Although the job market is very competitive, there is a wide array of job types and numbers. If you are well-educated that even more job opportunities await you.

  1. More chances of socializing

The main reason behind getting various new opportunities is by meeting people from different diversities and spheres of life. Wherever you go you will surely encounter new people and mixing with them will give a spectacular opportunity of socializing. It is more likely that you will make new friends, make more connections, and grow your social network.



  1. Convenience of transportation

Driving your own vehicle in a busy city can be a burden. This is because of a lot of traffic and insufficient parking space. This void is filled by various public transport options that are available in the center of a metropolitan city. Taking a taxi or a sub is a much cheaper and easier way to reach your destination timely.

  1. A lot of entertainment options

Metropolitan cities provide a wide range of entertainment opportunities for every night throughout the week. No matter what your interests are you will surely find the type of entertainment that suits you. For an instance The Florence Residences price is affordable for starting your new living in Singapore

  1. Better education opportunities

More educational opportunities are available in the center as compared to other areas. Your children will get a chance to avail the top educational experience and will be exposed to a modern lifestyle. A chance to learn something new and diverse will always be available.

  1. Various social events

Searching for a social event in an area that has millions of people is never a difficult task. There are numerous or rather unlimited opportunities with regards to social interactions. You can easily find parties to attend and socialize with people. The diversity that lies in the center of a metropolitan area allows you to broaden your sphere of interactions.

Living in the center of a metropolitan area is full of different advantages. You can enjoy numerous facilities. From education to transportation everything is easily accessible. What is most surprising is the level of freedom that is offered.

Assume that you are going to purchase the cattle trailer and this is your first time doing so. As you enter the ground, you see a vast collection of trailers and a couple of salesperson walking towards you. Realizing how unprepared you are, it is of no surprise that you might commit a mistake when it comes to purchasing the trailer. So, before you search for cattle trailer for sale, make sure that you keep in mind the following points.


Size can be one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a cattle trailer. There are individuals who just want it jam-packed. However, you need to think about the safety aspect and also the towing capacity of your vehicle before you decide on the size.

Make sure that you don’t only take a look at the weight of the cattle trailer but also add it to the weight of your cattle, the feed and any other equipment that you might carry in your trailer.


The two primary hitch options you find in the modern day market are bumper-pull and gooseneck. Another one you may find in the larger trailers is the fifth-wheel hitch. The bumper pull trailers usually deal with a lower weight and you don’t need a big vehicle for towing.

But the gooseneck, on the other hand, have a tighter radius for turning and provide a larger stock space too.


The construction of the frame is done with aluminum or steel. Steel is a heavier option and can provide support to greater weight. But this also means that you are in need of a larger vehicle for towing it. Also, you have the problems like rusting associated to steel frames which means that they might breakdown easily.

On the other side, you have the aluminum frames.

These are also a durable option and are lightweight as compared to steel. However, a problem that you may find with aluminum trailers is that the welds may break down with ease. But do note that nowadays many manufacturers use rivets instead of straight welds.

Sides, roof and floor

Lastly, don’t forget about the sides, roof, and floor. These are the three considerations that will make or break your life inside the trailer.

The type of sides you like, the kind of roof you opt for, and the floor you decide upon, all depends on the use case and the environment.


Being able to own a car is no more a privilege for the elite rather it has now become as a basic necessity of the modern lifestyle in every household. From family vacations by the road to any emergency situation, there needs to be a vehicle readily available for any circumstances. Although there are a few reasons as to why a person might hesitate to own such a vehicle and that is its maintenance, fuel and other the post buying expenses that follows. Even though electric hybrids are able to cut low on our fuel consumption but the sound of an engine run on fuel roaring is something drives people crazy about the vehicle. However, something called the MPG (Mileage per gallon) is what defines whether your vehicle consumes fuel more or less excessively.

What accounts as good MPG?

It comes under general knowledge that buying a vehicle with a decent MPG is definitely what you should aim for to save a few bucks in that pocket afterwards, because the higher the MPG, the less the fuel it consumes. However, it really does depend upon the kind of vehicle you are aiming for, really. Factors under consideration are more than just the kind of engine, size of the vehicle, driving condition etc.

Generally, the MPG that is most acceptable around the globe is considered to be 50-55mpg (5.6 – 5.1 liters) which has risen from the previous 35-40mpg (8.1 – 7.1 liters). This being said, a good MPG vehicle is considered as the one that consumes less than 6 liters per 100km.

As for compact diesel vehicles, a 50mpg (5.6 liters/100km) is to be expected. An engine that is turbo petrol and is a smart down-sized one can exceed 40mpg (7.1 liters/100km) where as a hybrid can be 60mpg (4.7liters/100km). Although the mileage of the vehicle is one thing, it is widely impacted by the style of your driving.

What are some of the best mpg cars today?

Now when you go to buy a car, you would probably look for a one that most suits you, your style, your comfort and whether it will be able to fulfill all your domestic or official tasks, absolutely anything that you demand of it. All this given aside, the price and the post purchase cost is something that you would need to consider regardless of the facilities. It is quite evident that you have bought a car, which might have cost you a lot but only because you look forward for it to cut down on the maintenance and fuel cost later on. This is when you go for a car with high MPG.

Here are the top best MPG cars that there are out there.

  • 2017 Toyota Prius Prime:

The 2017 Toyota Prius prime has taken over the globe since its release because of being the electrical hybrid technology. It literally allows you to travel on electrically charged 8.8 kWh batteries for about 22 miles with no consumption of any kind of fossil fuels at all. As you can see, it provides double the range and a 26% more efficiency than the previous model. The vehicle has its EV range to be powered by the usual gasoline but its MPG rating is yet to be released.

  • 2016 Toyota Prius:

Regardless of the new model, 2016 Toyota Prius still remains as the bestselling hybrid car all around the globe. Since the release, the Toyota Company has been able to increase the vehicles’ fuel economy ratings. Other than the EPA line consisting of 54mpg in city, 50mpg on highway and a 52mpg all combined, the car’s aerodynamic design has been able to help add on as well.

  • 2016 Toyota Prius Eco

This vehicle has been included with a more efficient Eco approach for owners who desire to experience the ultimate unplugged Prius fuel economy. The weight reduction and the modified aerodynamics have added onto the sleeker looking vehicle. This car was able to provide EPA ratings as 58mpg in city, 52mpg on highway and 56mpg all combined.

  • 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

The 2017 Honda Accord is the perfect midsized car for your family which will also provide you with a good 50 mpg. Much of it is achievable due to the EPA fuel efficiency ratings which are 49 mpg in city, 46 mpg on highway with a combined 48 mpg. It will also provide the opportunity for electrical consumption rather than just fossil fuels. The incorporation of the best Honda safety has not been ignored here either with a relatively larger trunk space due to small battery backs.

  • 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

Nothing like the previous Malibu Hybrids, the new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid offers a full fledge hybrid system rather than just a small setup in a yet again midsized, friendly car. This version of the Chevrolet has have some amazing EPA ratings such as the 47mpg in city, 46mpg on highway and a combined mpg of 46, making it to be the top most car in EPA ratings in the category of midsize hybrids.

  • 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

A nice homely car which gets you approximately a 50mpg might be uncommon now a days but this is exactly what the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid has to offer. With an EPA rating of 42 mpg in city, 48 on highway and a 44 mpg combined, additionally has a 1,4 liter turbo-charged engine supported by a 1.1 kWh battery pack. The vehicle is the first hybrid known to contain a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission among its kind, this feature tilts the vehicle on the sports side with additional options of three driving mode; automatic, manual and a specific sport one.

With this being listed down, you would now have a clearer picture for what to aim for, a better mileage vehicle just does not only benefit you but the overall environment as well. So why not opt for a vehicle which will prove to be light on the pocket and the atmosphere?

Are you looking for a server to play clash of clans with unlimited resources? The clash of souls is a perfect choice. You need to download the best sever which allows you to have unlimited resources so that you can play with freedom. The clash of Souls is an MMO strategy game. It is a famous game where you can create your clan and battle against armies and clans. You can explore the land and conquer more land.

What is the Clash of Souls Server?

Today almost every game offers the players to use and build various resources. Building these resources allows the players to finish the in-game tasks and achievements. However, getting hands on these resources like gold, weapons, coins, etc. is not an easy task. Playing these games using private servers allows the players to have unlimited resources.  One of the private servers for Clash of Clans is the Clash of Souls. It has a few different features and is amazing for the players.

When you play the game by downloading the APK, you will get unlimited resources such as Gold, Elixir, etc. you do not have to worry about any resources at all. This private server allows you to play the COC – clash of clans as the original game. It is what makes this private server an excellent choice. C# emulates this server as the real game. It is like the Clash of lights server, but in a better way with better features. Clash of clans came out in 2014 and was a huge hit. Ever since then the game has more than a million players. Millions of players play this game without the private servers.

The game is also known as DarkSoul. It is a custom private COC server. You can get a clash of souls to download in four different servers. There is the S1, S2, S3, and S4. Download the latest versions and play the game without any issues. You will get unlimited stuff in the game when you download these servers.

The original Clash of clans hosts on SuperCell servers. These private servers host the S1, S2, S3 and S4 servers. These private servers do not have many players on them which makes them fast. It is why the game runs fast on these servers. Playing the game through these servers gives you a lot of freedom for upgrading and modification. Now you can play the game as you want.

Features of private servers

This server has such amazing features that you will not stop playing the game using this server. All these features are free of cost; you do not have to pay any cash to get these unlimited items. You can get the Android and the iOS version with the latest updates. The server also allows you to make custom modifications. You can create and modify troops according to your needs and upgrade them. With these servers, you can unlock everything in the game without spending any money. You can also build your army; there is no limit to the size of your army.

Each of these servers has a special quality. The basic features of each of the servers are similar; you will get all items with unlimited stock.  Each server has unlimited Gems, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold, and also unlimited troops. It is a lightweight server which runs fast.

These servers are very fast and have no downtime. You will not feel any lag while playing the games. These are stable and reliable servers. So, if you want to enjoy the clash of clans, you should get one of these four servers for the game.

Android Requirements

To play the game, you will need Android 4.0 or more. Playing on PC, you need BlueStacks or any other Android Emulator.

You can also get it for iOS devices. The size of the game is almost 85 MB after installation. So you need at least 85 MB of space in your phone’s memory. The COS server APK works on all devices. It also works on all screen sizes and resolutions. You will need to allow location permissions to install the game. It also uses a media gallery, phone identity permissions.

The game also views Wi-Fi connections. Here is the detail of each of these servers for Clash of Souls APK.  Each of these APKs has unique features. You will enjoy the game with different servers.

Clash of Souls S1

This server is available for both iOS and Android devices. The first server for the clash of clans is the COS S1 server.

The other name for this server is Soul Eater. It is one of the best servers for the game. It has interesting features and permissions. If you are looking to play the game with freedom of modification, then you should choose this server. Besides giving you unlimited gems, gold, and elixir, this server also provides the gamers with unlimited Dark Elixir. With the help of elixir, you can increase the lifespan of your troops and other items in the game.

It is a modular server. It allows you to play the game with a vast range of Mods and in-game commands. Modifying the game is a dream come true for the players around the world. Who doesn’t want to create his hero in the game and play with that character? It seems a dream, but with this server, you can do it. This server also allows you to play the game with extreme modification. It means that you can modify the game features and items at your own will. You can modify the troops the way you want. You can change their shape, looks upgrade their power levels and elixir and weapons. You can create your heroes. When it comes to modification, the S1 is the best server for the game.

If you do not want to stick with the same COC environment, then you should download the COS S1 APK. The best part about this server is that you can create and also allocate powers to your characters. Now you can choose which hero gets which power. There are so many variants that you will enjoy playing.

When you enter the game, you will see that you have 1000000 Gold. You will get the similar amount of Elixir and Dark Elixir. You can also buy as many buildings on this server as you want. It has various Mods such as Wizard King, PEKKA Queen, and Hog King Mod. There are several buildings on this server too. These are not available as part of the original game. So, if you want to build a city or an empire, you should download the Clash of Souls S1 server. It will serve all your building and modification needs while you play the game. You can connect with other players and play online too.

The S1 server provides the players with

  • 1000000 Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir
  • Various Mods
  • Crate custom buildings
  • Buy unlimited buildings
  • Ability to modify the troops and upgrade them

Clash of souls S2

This server is also available for both iOS and Android devices. It is a robust server with a lot of exciting features. It is one of the most reliable servers for playing COC. The other name for this server is the Heart Of Soul. So, you can search this instead of S2 and get the amazing features for the game. It has all the basic features and unlimited items such as unlimited Elixir, Gold, Gems and more. All these items are necessary to enhance the power levels and life of the troops and in-game items. You also get unlimited elixir and dark elixir.

The best part of this server is that it does not lag or break down. It does not allow the modification as S1. However, you can create your heroes using this server. You can create custom heroes, and you can create their shape according to your needs. Like S1 the S2 also allows you to assign the power level to your heroes.

The best feature of this server is that you can give the power of one hero to the other. So, if you are not in the mood of creating a new hero yourself, you should give powers. The hero who gives powers retains too. It doesn’t mean that the hero who gives the power will lose it. It is the reason this server is also known as Heart of Soul.

You can create the unlimited building you want using this server. The restriction is on buying the buildings. The S2 does not allow you to buy unlimited buildings. You can buy the buildings under a limit. So, you should play the game on this server if you want to create the buildings but not buy them.

The S2 also has several Mods available like the Wizard King Mod, PEKKA Queen Mod, and Hog King Mod. You should download the Clash of Souls S2 server if you are a fan of exchanging powers among heroes of the game. Giving each other’s powers allows you to create a separate game strategy.

For example, your enemy may plan the strategy according to the hero you choose and the strengths he has. But, the enemy’s strategy may not work, as your hero doesn’t have the power according to its appearance. If you want to play a strategic game, you should download the S1 APK. It has cool features and brilliant graphics. Like other servers, you can connect with other players and play online too.

The S2 server provides the players with

  • Various Mods
  • Unlimited Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir
  • Create custom buildings
  • Allows you to buy buildings under a limit
  • Exchange powers of heroes
  • In-game commands

Clash of Souls S3

This server for clash of clans is available for both iOS and Android phones. The server is fast and has no downtime. It is one of the quickest loading servers of all. Giving the speed with which it loads and the features it offers, it is known as the Velocity of Soul. It has some amazing features. However, unlike the S1 and S2, the S3 does not come with modification authority. So, if you are looking for playing the game without any modification, download this server. Many players do not like to change the layout of the game and play it as the original game. This server is for those who wish to enjoy the game without any change or modification. You will enjoy the original Clash of Clans with unlimited resources. The server has all the items without any limit such as unlimited Elixir, Gold, Gems, Dark Elixir and more. Once you install the game on the device, you will automatically get everything unlimited.

This server also does not have any Mods. This server does not have any custom buildings. You can buy the in-game buildings. It is who the developers keep the game original. The server gives you the same number of buildings as the original COC.

This server is compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices. This server also has various add-ons which combine various heroes and buildings. Using these add-ons, you can strategize your gameplay. So if you are looking for a server which gives you add-ons, then you should download Clash of Souls S3 server. This server is easy to download.  To install this server, you will not require any root. It is why this server is famous among many players of the game. This server also allows you to connect online and play in real-time. It has good graphics too. This server is for those who wish to play the original game with unlimited items.

The S3 server provides the players with

  • Unlimited items
  • Does not allow modification
  • It has the same number of buildings as the original COC
  • Does not include Mods

Clash of Souls S4

For those who want to enjoy the game with unlimited Gold and other resources, the Clash of Souls S4 is a perfect choice. You can install this server both on the iOS and Android devices. It is also compatible with all device size and screen resolutions. It is a reliable and robust server. This server has another name, i.e., the Vengeance of Soul. As it has everything unlimited, it is a great way to take vengeance from your enemies. It also gives you the power to play with other users online or with friends. As it is a private server, it has good speed for loading the game. This server comes with all the basic features and unlimited items such as unlimited Elixir, Gold, Gems and more. With these unlimited items, you can enhance the characters and get more items for your game. With unlimited gold, you can buy whatever you want.

Like the S1 server, the S4 also gives you the authority to modify the game. Now you can not only modify the game but also create custom heroes. This server has more custom heroes than any other server. These new heroes have versatile power and strategies. With the unlimited gold, you can buy new land and create a new empire.

When you play the game, you also need new places and new buildings. This server has unlimited buildings. You can buy unlimited buildings if you do not want to create them. There is no limit to how much you buy. Also, there are many new buildings such as beach buildings. It gives a new way to look at the game and makes it more interesting.

The S4 server provides the players with

  • Various Mods
  • Unlimited Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir
  • Create custom buildings and buy unlimited buildings
  • In-game commands
  • New custom heroes added to the server
  • Beach buildings

How to install

Installation of this Clash of Souls S1/S2/S3/S4 is very easy. All you need is to download the clash of Souls APK for the server you wish to install. Once you download the APK, you can place it in your phone’s memory. Delete the original clash of clans to install the Mod APKs. Once you uninstall the original game, you can now start installing the S1, S2, S3 or S4 servers from the PAK file that you download.

Open the file explorer from your phone and locate the APK. Tap on it, and it will start installing. Sometimes it may give a pop-up which says allow installation from unknown sources. You can allow the installation and continue. You can also go to settings and allow installation from unknown sources. It will not ask you again for any APK before installing it.

Also, ensure that your phone has free space required by the game. Once the installation finishes, open the game and enjoy the unlimited resources.


Is it safe to download these APKs?

Yes, it is 100% safe to download these servers and play the game. These are secure because we scan these files before uploading.

Are these free?

Yes, these files are all free to download and install on your iOS or Android devices. You will not require any payment to install or make in-game purchases after installation.

Does it work on iOS or Android?

These APKs work for both the iOS and Android devices.

Does it affect the phone’s working?

No! Installing and using these servers will not have any impact on the phone’s speed or efficiency. Once you install the game, you will not feel any lag.

Is there any special requirement to install?

No there is no special requirement. You won’t even need to root the device or the game original to install it. All these servers are No Rooted APKs. All you need is to install and play!


You will get all the latest updates with these files. Each server has new features, and whenever there is something new, the server will add it to the game. Make sure that you get the latest Clash of Souls new update servers here. Also, keep looking for more updates. Get the latest 2018 servers here and enjoy the game with unlimited features.


Playing a clash of clans is not an easy task. To play the game, you need a proper strategy and a lot of resources. The game provides a limited number of gold, gems, coins, elixir, buildings, land, heroes and weapons. With the help of these Clash of Souls servers, you can get an unlimited number of items for the game. Now creating strategies and defeating enemies is not difficult. With unlimited gems, you can create and assign powers to the heroes. You can also create custom heroes or exchange powers of heroes. With these servers, you will enjoy the game a lot. Now you can have unlimited gold with it you can buy unlimited buildings if you run out of Elixir you can buy it using the gold. The best part is that these servers also allow you to modify the game. So, if you want to modify your troops for the game, you can do it easily with these servers.

These servers are 100% up. You can also invite online friends and challenge them in a battle using these servers. It may not be possible with the original game. These private servers and Mods make the game more interesting. Now conquering more land and the enemy’s land is not difficult. With all the unlimited resources, you can attack any clan and easily defeat it.

All you need is to ensure that you download the latest APK for Clash of Souls servers. The latest files have the best features. Also, download here as these files are safe and 100% virus-free.

Enjoy your favorite MMO strategy game with freedom. There is no need to run patch files or cracks, all you need is to install the APK, and you will get unlimited items upon installation. These servers use C# which makes them fast and reliable. Attack the enemies with a thousand troops and even more. You will enjoy the game like never before. Also read and download harry potter series