Why the Netflix series ‘House of Cards is’ admired so much?

House of cards was originally introduced in 1990 on the BBC channel as a part of their new mini-series. It was based upon the American political thriller novel ‘Houses of Cards’ by Michael Dobbs. However, the Netflix series which was aired in 2013 on the online streaming service for the first time, is a modified reproduction of the original 1990 BBC one by Beau Willimon.

What is the series about?

The series ‘House of Cards’ is a show filmed in the capital of the USA (Washington D.C) and the plot surrounds the story of a congressman known as Frank Underwood and his wife Claire Underwood who both are equally ambitious about politics and their positions in it. Frank being a Democrat from the 5th congressional district of South Carolina, has been nominated for the position of secretary of state. This is where the series takes a turn when Frank begins to plot and plan to gain power with the support of his wife. House of Cards is an epitome of the ruthless exploitation and betrayal that politics brings along.

Why does it seem so fascinating?

One of the basic reasons for the hype of ‘House of Cards’ is because of the number of times it has been remade, each time depicted according to the present time. The book was the raw version and its depiction was the British version of the 1990 show. Later when influenced by the British version was remade into the American style keeping in mind the American political history and the tactics being used very much today, House of Cards was meant to be nothing less than spectacular from the beginning.

Nonetheless, it is not your every-day drama and is not for every sort of audience either because of the much different genre that it features. However, the way it does feature enticing political plot twists and the endurance of the ruthless manipulative sides of being a politician, the show is declared as one of the most amazing series to have been aired. Viewing the ratings and the fan following of the show, it seems as if the general public admires fictional politics much more than the real one.

Besides the plot, what really has pushed the show this far is the strong admirable cast, putting soul in every character in all the right angles. The characters are what draws the audience’s attention and extend to its eternal grasp if the concept of every character is as strongly built as it is in this show.

Was this a gamble for Netflix?

Since the Netflix concept is the future of television because of its convenience, all episodes were available at once and content viewing without the interruption of advertisements. Although there were other original Netflix shows before ‘House of Cards’ but they were mere testers, it was this show that was Netflix’s major breakthrough as an efficient streaming service. Evoked by the new concept of Netflix and the quality content this show had offered, the viewers kept coming for more.

An average person spends around 53 minutes on the Instagram application, scrolling down thousands of posts uploaded by accounts they have followed and this is the number only of the average users yet.

There must be something this appealing on the Instagram site that keeps the users hooked to spend so much time on the application daily, what is it exactly? Instagram is a social networking site that mostly makes use of visual contents to attract users and due to the strong competition, a persuasive video content is extremely important.



Tips for the best videos

  • First glance: On our slippery smart phone screens, it is easy to scroll through long lengths on Instagram instantly, most users may not even stop at a certain post to carefully examine it. Your video content needs to be short and precise and appealing at first glance, something as appealing that would make the users hold their impatient thumbs and read.
  • Insert Text: Like mentioned earlier, it is highly unlikely users view your content before they scroll right over it, thus another tip to make your videos more appealing is add a huge text on the thumbnail, showing what exactly the video is about, similar to the caption but on the video to make it seem more enhanced and readable.
  • Video to make sense: Instagram videos are not very lengthy, thus they need to provide efficient content in a limited amount of time. Your content of the video needs not only be short but should cover up exactly what you mean to portray, in the most precise way possible. Make sure your video makes sense and provides the users what they hoped they would see when they stopped for this video content.
  • If they are ads, they should not look like one: There are numerous amounts of Instagram advertisements but since they look like advertisements, people tend to pass through it. If your videos are based upon advertisements, the very element of ads needs to be diminished for the customer to not scroll pass it. It can be something as natural as a simple girl applying a lipstick of the brand your ad concerns, users would actually stop to see how she does it and how does it look afterwards. Providing the link in the caption may eventually lead them to your brand.
  • Increase Followers: Instagram is powered by millions of users and every minute a new user signs up. They love to engage with videos that contain useful content. You can follow multiple people and ask them to follow you back. This tip helps a lot. However some marketers also buy instagram followers cheap for getting instant results. It’s your choice to do work or buy them for fast results.
  • Dimensions: unlike the other social networking sites, Instagram is something you cannot just post a video on of any dimension and expect it to be viewed efficiently, it does not allow its content to be zoomed in to be played. Thus the shot should be taken vertically. To be more precise, the most suitable video dimensions to be used on the site are 864 pixels (width) by 1080 pixels (height), along an aspect ratio of 4:5
  • Quality: the last and not the least is to increase the quality of your content and the video itself. If the users have stopped by to view the video, they should be provided with they have been promised for. It also increases engagements.


Noah Regeal Reveals the Setup To Get Instagram Followers Without Following others

How to ask other users to follow on Instagram

Instagram is a well-liked social media marketing platform. almost 56% of World’s population is using Instagram. Basically it is a social app for a marketing purpose, people create their ID to promote their business and to advertise their company. To advertise your product you need a followers. So if you want to promote yourself on Instagram you first have to learn about how to ask other people that they follow you. The main power of your ID and your post likes is your followers. Give respect to them and  become popular day by day. Here I am going to discuss some was about how to ask other users to follow you on Instagram.

Follow unknowns

The first step towards the popularity is to follow the unknown persons. But always keep in mind only follow the person about whom you are pretty sure that he will give you a follow back. There is 60% chances that the person to whom you follows will give you a follow back. Repeat the same action for a 1 week daily after 1 week filter out the people who gives you a follow back and unfollow the people who are not following you. This is the best  way to ask others to follow you on a Instagram.


Be smart in selecting a hash tag about your post. When you are going to post any content on the Instagram then you  have to think about caption of the picture. You must use hash tags in the caption section. Keep in mind that the hash tags that you are using in you caption section are must be related to your content or an image. You can also place more than one hash tags in your post. When any person search the key word which you have used as a hash tag it forces the user to follow  you.

Participate in conversation

When you have posted some content on a Instagram and other users comments on our post always response him in a comment section. Same as always take a part in a famous conversation this will helps you to meet a new active members. Chat with them  on regular basis, they will follow you on the base f your behavior so be polite and give respect to others.

Be a part of existing community

As other social media apps have  different groups in which different users which are not friends but they made community of people with the same interest. Same is the case with Instagram people have made a communities of the people with same interest. The first task is to find out the community and the second is to become its part. Join a daily chats in a community, explore new people and new ideas, buy instagram followers, interact and share your stories with them etc. when you make place for yourself in the society than give a follow to the society members, it is obvious that they will follow you back.

These are some strategies by using which you can ask different users to follow you on Instagram.

Author Bio

Noah Regeal is one of the famous author who have published multiple blogs. He is co-author at setup-activation. Instagram is one of the trending topics and this blog is intended to spread learning about gaining followers on social media. Social media promotion and marketing agencies loved this article. if you need to comment, please share your views. For any insight, email me here: noah@splashyco.net

Samsung Vs. Apple: who outranks in terms of Features

One of the necessities of today’s world is a smartphone.  In a world of technology, the hardest question these days is which smartphone is best for use. Which lead us to comparing brands and their smartphones features. When talking about smartphones the top smartphone brands that come to mind are Samsung and Apple. Both brand’s smartphones have outstanding operating system and there are many things in common between them but the differences will help you choose your smartphone. We will compare their latest models, Samsung galaxy series s10 vs Apple iPhone X:


Samsung’s S10 have a display of 6.1 inch which is larger than apple’s iPhone X which is 5.8 inch, but S10’s plus model have a display of 6.4 inch which is smaller than iPhone XS max with a display of 6.5inch. They both have OLED high-resolution displays, but this time Samsung went a little high with having first specification which is HDR10+ certification this could be the reason for Apple fans getting a bit jealous. You can easily use S10’s in direct sunlight, because it can be put under 1200 nits of brightness whereas iPhone XS Max is rated up to 700 nits. Samsung phones have a chin larger then iPhone, which covers most of the front face. Samsung’s phone lack notch, instead they chose to go for cameras cutouts which allow more screen to be used.


Cameras are considered to be the main component in a smartphone, it is maybe because of the photography craze now a days. These two brands have amazing camera results compare to other brands. Samsung S10 with those cutouts have a 10-megapixel shooter which is capable of recording 4k videos, for depth sensing a wide-angle 8MP camera is added in S10 plus. iPhone XS and XS MAX have a 7-megapixel shooter with a limit of 60 frames per second in 1080p. They both have 12-megapixel rear cameras.

Screen unlocking

When checking a smartphone, the first feature we look for is the unlocking feature.  Our smartphones have so much stored in them such as business information, personal data of all kinds and financial data, when evaluating mobile phones security is an essential dimension. One of the great revolutions after finger print was the use of Face ID to unlock smartphone and it was a new feature in iPhone X. Face ID unlock is an easy and natural way to unlock device, you look at it and immediately it unlocks. Face ID is now faster and reliable in new iPhones than before. The Samsung devices offer more advance feature for screen unlock such as iris scanning, facial recognition and fingerprint sensor. In these three, the more reliable and fast method of unlocking is the fingerprint sensor.

Storage capacity

The worry while buying a smartphone is about its storage capacity, we don’t want to keep saving our data at different drives. The requirement is to have enough space in our smartphones to save all data at one place. iPhone and Samsung both offer you different storage sizes but as you increase storage size their prices also increase. The Samsung’s base model comes with 128GB, with 512GB and 1TB versions. While iPhone XS MAX’s base model comes in just 64GB, increasing up to 256GB and 512GB if you’re ready to pay extra. The Samsung S10 have a microSD slot, so you can buy cheaper SD cards than paying extra for phone.


Differences between communication design and graphic design you can’t afford to miss

Over the past decades, the world has seen many emerging fields such as those of communication designing and graphic designing. Many people have the perception that this is just like ‘art designing’. The work of communication and graphic design is misunderstood by many people as they relate it only to art skills and creative ability. This has led to the uprise of a lot of confusion in the design industry. Though communication design and graphic design are nearly identical in nature there exists a huge difference between the two that needs to be well understood. Both of these are highly misunderstood disciplines which tends to create a lot of confusion in the minds of common people. The differences listed below will clear you on the concept.

Communication Design

Communication design is a mixed discipline which incorporates a well-integrated mixture of design and information development. It is basically concerned with how media interventions such as printed, crafted or electronic media communicate with the people. It also revolves around aesthetics in media and creating new media channels. Over recent years, its focus has shifted primarily on redesigning interactivity and shaping communication affordances. Examples of communication design include information architecture, editing, web design, performing arts and copywriting.

Graphic Design

The graphic design falls under the broad category of visual communication. It includes problem-solving through the use of not only typography but also photography and illustrations. Graphic designers create as well as combine symbols, images, and text and give them a visual representation. Common examples of usage of graphic design include environmental design, advertising, and product packaging.

Difference between communication design and graphic design

Communication design and graphic design are inter-lapping disciplines. Though both are meant to communicate, there is a difference between the two which makes each one of them distinct in their nature. Communication design works towards delivering a proper message to the audience. This requires creativity as well as clever strategy. It requires involvement both visually and verbally in the world of media and hence it is all about communication and not technology.

Graphic design, on the other hand, focuses solely on delivering messages visually. It’s all about delighting the eyes of the audience and hence requires a tactful engagement. Graphic design is all about aligning the visual components the right way.

Another very important factor to keep in mind is that communication design leans more towards social science and marketing while graphic design is basically from arts and print-focused background. In short, it can be said that graphic design is related to the arts field while communication design is related to the management field. It is quite obvious that both these disciplines are totally different from each other.

Sum Up

After reading the above text the difference between communication design and visual design is quite visible. It is very important to have a comprehensive understanding of the two to make a wise choice if deciding between the two.



Purpose of Bone Conduction Headphones

Headphones have become a necessity for every individual, mostly to help them keep sane from the whole of the universe. Most people do not walk out of their houses without their headphones because they are aware that any point they might have to avoid a conversation, take a break from hectic work or might just need to attend the call in a hands-free manner. One such headphone is the Bone Conduction Headphones.

What are the Bone Conduction Headphones?

Bone conducted headphones are headphones that go around the back of your head and set on your ears on both sides and is mostly wireless. Now the exclusive part about them is that they do not plug in your ear in any way but instead they rest on the area between the tragus of the ear and the cheekbone.

Bone conduction technology uses the natural vibrations in the bones of a person, and utilize it to be able to hear, such as the bones of cheeks, skull, and jaw.  The same technology is used in headphones.

How does it work?

Bone conduction works when sound waves take an alternate way from the eardrums, being more precise, through your bones with the help of conduction. When these sounds waves are emitted from a headphone set, it avoids the eardrum and leads to your cochlea through the bones of your skull, cheek, and jaw, enabling you to hear what is played.

As your headphones are resting above your ear and not in it, your ear is wide open to listen to anything else going in your surroundings as well, those eardrums are still put to work.

How does it feel?

Listening through bone conduction headphones is an exemplary experience. You listen to your favorite music while working yet not miss on anything important going on around you either. It would not be wrong to state that it is indeed a dual experience. Most people have used these headphones previously explain their experience as an extremely exuberant one, it is almost like you get the best of both worlds.

However, since ‘vibrations’ are involved, you might be able to feel a ticklish sensation at volumes higher than usual but it is mild enough to be ignored easily.

Why chose Bone Conduction Headphones?

Headphones are necessary when you decide to go run, jog or even for a walk at times. However, this practice also increases the risk of higher cases of accidents. Need not to worry because the Bone Conduction headphones allow you to be present in both worlds, your own and the one where cars are beeping for you to move away.

For most people, earbuds always fall out and they are almost never a perfect fit to stay intact, however, with these headphones, the set only rests on the top of your ears, no issues with sizes at all. They do not even cover your whole head and they come in both, wireless and with wire sets.

The Bone conduction headphones are a unique idea with a fun experience, basically formulated to provide a dual experience, almost like a virtual reality with continuous background music.