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Purpose of Bone Conduction Headphones

Headphones have become a necessity for every individual, mostly to help them keep sane from the whole of the universe. Most people do not walk out of their houses without their headphones because they are aware that any point they might have to avoid a conversation, take a break from hectic work or might just need to attend the call in a hands-free manner. One such headphone is the Bone Conduction Headphones.

What are the Bone Conduction Headphones?

Bone conducted headphones are headphones that go around the back of your head and set on your ears on both sides and is mostly wireless. Now the exclusive part about them is that they do not plug in your ear in any way but instead they rest on the area between the tragus of the ear and the cheekbone.

Bone conduction technology uses the natural vibrations in the bones of a person, and utilize it to be able to hear, such as the bones of cheeks, skull, and jaw.  The same technology is used in headphones.

How does it work?

Bone conduction works when sound waves take an alternate way from the eardrums, being more precise, through your bones with the help of conduction. When these sounds waves are emitted from a headphone set, it avoids the eardrum and leads to your cochlea through the bones of your skull, cheek, and jaw, enabling you to hear what is played.

As your headphones are resting above your ear and not in it, your ear is wide open to listen to anything else going in your surroundings as well, those eardrums are still put to work.

How does it feel?

Listening through bone conduction headphones is an exemplary experience. You listen to your favorite music while working yet not miss on anything important going on around you either. It would not be wrong to state that it is indeed a dual experience. Most people have used these headphones previously explain their experience as an extremely exuberant one, it is almost like you get the best of both worlds.

However, since ‘vibrations’ are involved, you might be able to feel a ticklish sensation at volumes higher than usual but it is mild enough to be ignored easily.

Why chose Bone Conduction Headphones?

Headphones are necessary when you decide to go run, jog or even for a walk at times. However, this practice also increases the risk of higher cases of accidents. Need not to worry because the Bone Conduction headphones allow you to be present in both worlds, your own and the one where cars are beeping for you to move away.

For most people, earbuds always fall out and they are almost never a perfect fit to stay intact, however, with these headphones, the set only rests on the top of your ears, no issues with sizes at all. They do not even cover your whole head and they come in both, wireless and with wire sets.

The Bone conduction headphones are a unique idea with a fun experience, basically formulated to provide a dual experience, almost like a virtual reality with continuous background music.

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