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Differences between communication design and graphic design you can’t afford to miss

Over the past decades, the world has seen many emerging fields such as those of communication designing and graphic designing. Many people have the perception that this is just like ‘art designing’. The work of communication and graphic design is misunderstood by many people as they relate it only to art skills and creative ability. This has led to the uprise of a lot of confusion in the design industry. Though communication design and graphic design are nearly identical in nature there exists a huge difference between the two that needs to be well understood. Both of these are highly misunderstood disciplines which tends to create a lot of confusion in the minds of common people. The differences listed below will clear you on the concept.

Communication Design

Communication design is a mixed discipline which incorporates a well-integrated mixture of design and information development. It is basically concerned with how media interventions such as printed, crafted or electronic media communicate with the people. It also revolves around aesthetics in media and creating new media channels. Over recent years, its focus has shifted primarily on redesigning interactivity and shaping communication affordances. Examples of communication design include information architecture, editing, web design, performing arts and copywriting.

Graphic Design

The graphic design falls under the broad category of visual communication. It includes problem-solving through the use of not only typography but also photography and illustrations. Graphic designers create as well as combine symbols, images, and text and give them a visual representation. Common examples of usage of graphic design include environmental design, advertising, and product packaging.

Difference between communication design and graphic design

Communication design and graphic design are inter-lapping disciplines. Though both are meant to communicate, there is a difference between the two which makes each one of them distinct in their nature. Communication design works towards delivering a proper message to the audience. This requires creativity as well as clever strategy. It requires involvement both visually and verbally in the world of media and hence it is all about communication and not technology.

Graphic design, on the other hand, focuses solely on delivering messages visually. It’s all about delighting the eyes of the audience and hence requires a tactful engagement. Graphic design is all about aligning the visual components the right way.

Another very important factor to keep in mind is that communication design leans more towards social science and marketing while graphic design is basically from arts and print-focused background. In short, it can be said that graphic design is related to the arts field while communication design is related to the management field. It is quite obvious that both these disciplines are totally different from each other.

Sum Up

After reading the above text the difference between communication design and visual design is quite visible. It is very important to have a comprehensive understanding of the two to make a wise choice if deciding between the two.



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