Samsung S10 & Apple’s iPhone X : Which Machine & OS Performs the Best in 2019

Samsung Vs. Apple: who outranks in terms of Features

One of the necessities of today’s world is a smartphone.  In a world of technology, the hardest question these days is which smartphone is best for use. Which lead us to comparing brands and their smartphones features. When talking about smartphones the top smartphone brands that come to mind are Samsung and Apple. Both brand’s smartphones have outstanding operating system and there are many things in common between them but the differences will help you choose your smartphone. We will compare their latest models, Samsung galaxy series s10 vs Apple iPhone X:


Samsung’s S10 have a display of 6.1 inch which is larger than apple’s iPhone X which is 5.8 inch, but S10’s plus model have a display of 6.4 inch which is smaller than iPhone XS max with a display of 6.5inch. They both have OLED high-resolution displays, but this time Samsung went a little high with having first specification which is HDR10+ certification this could be the reason for Apple fans getting a bit jealous. You can easily use S10’s in direct sunlight, because it can be put under 1200 nits of brightness whereas iPhone XS Max is rated up to 700 nits. Samsung phones have a chin larger then iPhone, which covers most of the front face. Samsung’s phone lack notch, instead they chose to go for cameras cutouts which allow more screen to be used.


Cameras are considered to be the main component in a smartphone, it is maybe because of the photography craze now a days. These two brands have amazing camera results compare to other brands. Samsung S10 with those cutouts have a 10-megapixel shooter which is capable of recording 4k videos, for depth sensing a wide-angle 8MP camera is added in S10 plus. iPhone XS and XS MAX have a 7-megapixel shooter with a limit of 60 frames per second in 1080p. They both have 12-megapixel rear cameras.

Screen unlocking

When checking a smartphone, the first feature we look for is the unlocking feature.  Our smartphones have so much stored in them such as business information, personal data of all kinds and financial data, when evaluating mobile phones security is an essential dimension. One of the great revolutions after finger print was the use of Face ID to unlock smartphone and it was a new feature in iPhone X. Face ID unlock is an easy and natural way to unlock device, you look at it and immediately it unlocks. Face ID is now faster and reliable in new iPhones than before. The Samsung devices offer more advance feature for screen unlock such as iris scanning, facial recognition and fingerprint sensor. In these three, the more reliable and fast method of unlocking is the fingerprint sensor.

Storage capacity

The worry while buying a smartphone is about its storage capacity, we don’t want to keep saving our data at different drives. The requirement is to have enough space in our smartphones to save all data at one place. iPhone and Samsung both offer you different storage sizes but as you increase storage size their prices also increase. The Samsung’s base model comes with 128GB, with 512GB and 1TB versions. While iPhone XS MAX’s base model comes in just 64GB, increasing up to 256GB and 512GB if you’re ready to pay extra. The Samsung S10 have a microSD slot, so you can buy cheaper SD cards than paying extra for phone.


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