Patients are usually scared of getting pain through any operation. But some solutions simplify the painful process. Anesthesia is used to numb the place of surgery so the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the surgery. Dental anesthesia includes brand name Novocain. Sometimes Novocain is combined with another drug to increase the timing of numbness. It is usually used in dental surgeries.

Use of anesthesia

There are several facts about why anesthesia is one of the important things to be considered in every medical surgery. Some of the facts are:

* It lowers the risk of pain for patients and makes it easy for the doctor to carry out surgery

* It also helps to calm down a nervous or anxious patient. If the patient is not fully calm, it can be difficult to carry the procedure.

* Anesthesia helps to numb the area of infection. You will be in your senses and awake.

* In different dental surgery like removal of infected tooth, root canals or wisdom tooth removal anesthesia is one of the main purposes of the surgery.

* The drug will take few minutes to take effect, after an hour the effect will wear off. But for a stronger and higher doze, other kinds of drugs are also available

Types of anesthesia

One of the famous kind of anesthesia used largely by dentists is Novocain. It was widely used in the United States. The local anesthetic where the patient was still awake and did not feel the area of treatment. While Novocain stops the nerves to send a pain signals to the brain.

Novocain effect

The first concern of every patient is that how long does Novocaine last? It can be due to the fear of getting the sensation of pain during surgery or after the surgery will it take long to wear off Novocain numbness. Both situations are considered equally. Sometimes if the patient is too conscious or scared of pain, Novocain is combined with another drug to increase the timing of numbness.

Side effects of anesthesia

When a voluntary action is sent to the brain it will have side effects later because you are stopping your brain for the natural signal of pain. But not to worry as the time passes and the drug wears off so does the side effect. You might feel dizzy as it’s obvious. The tingling sensation around the infected area is expected due to given anesthesia. Headache can also be expected due to doze and sleepiness.

Why is Novocain used?

If you have an infected tooth, the possibility is that anesthetic will be less effective. The acidity of tissue increases due to infection, due to which the local anesthetic becomes sensitive to pH level. This can also reduce the effect of anesthesia in any dental procedure.

Now the solution here is to use Novocain on an infected tooth which will decrease the above-mentioned possibilities hence making it easy for patients to bear and for the doctor to carry the surgery smoothly.