How to Configure Autofill for Credit Cards in Microsoft Edge for Android Devices?

Recently, Microsoft announced about the Microsoft Edge for the Windows 10 user. They are effectively doing the working on since the initial announcement. They have build-up many types of important and useful changes in the background. All will work on task handling and the overall performance of the browser.

Microsoft has also launched the Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS device users that create its availability for the devices that a user might tend to use. The meant of this release that Microsoft try to connect each of the users of theirs to their computer system anytime as per their convenience.

Not only Microsoft Edge Android app will work for another basic browser that is available for Android phones and tablets but also it will provide some of the Microsoft individual features. All of the elements help the users be more productive and creates Edge far more useful because it is different it from others.

Let’s talk about that what the Google have done for Google Chrome on Android devices is that it fetches your essential details that filling a distinct type of form.

Likewise, in the present Microsoft is working on enabling Microsoft Edge to compete yet again with Google with a similar service.

Two main features are given below of automated form filling which Microsoft Edge for Android phones supports. They are mentioned as follows:

  1. Address Autofill.
  2. Credit Card Autofill.

Steps to Credit Cards autofill in Microsoft Edge for Android

However, this feature will the fast process which happens in the mentioned course of time when you have created a transaction with your Credit Card through the Microsoft Edge on Android devices like- phones mad tables, etc.

Below, you will see the simple process that will help you configure to create this feature usable on your Android devices such as- tablet and phones.

  • First of all, launch the Microsoft Edge web browser app on your Android device.
  • Click on the more button, i.e. […]
  • Go to a pop-up menu; here you will get the field labeled Settings that will provide you the settings menu at the back side of the Microsoft Edge.
  • You will get a menu that says Autofill and Payments.
  • In the back side of this menu, click on the credit cards menu.
  • Enter all of your credit card credentials as requested from the Microsoft Edge.

After completing this process your Credit Cards’ credentials will be auto-filled each of you are creating a transaction from the Microsoft Edge web browser app on your Android tablet and phone which are signed in with all of the same details you have used for Microsoft Account.

However, you can get this feature on Microsoft Edge for Android tablet and phones only currently, and the Microsoft will try to arrive it on the Microsoft Edge for other platforms including Windows as soon as possible.

This post will guide you how to set-up autofill for Credit Cards in Microsoft Edge for Android devices.

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