Fix for Charging Issues in iPhone

iPhones are one of the most loved, reliable and recommended mobile phones that people like to buy. Undeniably, iPhones are secured and its manufacturer, Apple, provides some amazing services to its customers. Though iPhones are designed to work with excellence, no phone is perfect. Hence there are some problems listed by customers giving rise to complaints about the devices. The “Battery is not charging” issue is one of the problems that the number of iPhone users has reported.

The charging problem is caused generally due to hardware’s weak performance. Hardware factors like a wall socket, USB cable, or charging adapters may be responsible for this issue. But, at times the hardware may be working properly. That means the software of iPhone is raising the problem. Is your iPhone is not charging? You must be panicking and thinking about what to do to solve the issue.You must try out these workarounds to solve the charging problems in your iPhone. Following the methods may fix the charging issue in your device.

Here, how to fix charging issues in iPhone

Try another Hardware Device

Since you don’t know whether the problem is Hardware or Software, you must try another hardware device to cross-check the situation. Switch to another wall socket, USB cable or charging adapter and check the charging status. If the phone is not charging, then it must be a software problem.

Try Hard Reset your Device

Trying the DFU, Device Firmware Update might help you out to fix the charging issue in your iPhone.

To perform the DFU method, you need to –

  1. Press and hold the on/ off button.
  2. Now, simultaneously press and hold the Home Button on your iPhone.
  3. Wait and keep holding the buttons until Apple Logo not appears.
  4. If your device is iPhone 7, then you must press the volume down button along with the power button.
  5. If you have iPhone 8 or the later versions, then press and release the Volume Up button then Volume Down button quickly. Then, long press the Power button until the apple logo appears on display.

Refer Apple Customer Service

The methods are capable of resolving the issue, but if these do not work, then you must contact the manufacturer of your device. Visit the nearest Apple store and tell the problem your phone is having, to receive the best advice in resolving the charging issue.

Even though the iPhones is a manufactured to work efficiently but it doesn’t make the phone impeccable. The device is facing a lot of issues, and unfortunately, the charging issue is one these. But the solutions given above will work to make the device charge again.

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