How to Fix “Nvidia G-Sync Not Working” in Windows 10?

If you are a PC gamer, then there is good news for you from G-Sync. It’s a proprietary adaptive sync technology that is developed by Nvidia. It’s the most useful in the business despite stiff competition from AMD’s FreeSync.

G-Sync is an eliminating screen insubordinate for video games. But if you want to take more advantages of this, then you need for a G-Sync supported computer monitor. However, G-Sync is hardware based though gamers have little reasons to activate the software-based V-Sync.

From last year’s, Nvidia has been under attack because of the proprietary nature of G-Sync since free alternatives are available. There is no matter that what is the reason, this adaptive sync technology is still arguably the best, but it comes in some issues.

Steps to do if Nvidia G-Sync not working:-

If you are using the Windows 10 then maybe you are one of the many folks who has faced the issues with G-Sync. We can understand it very well that some gamers are not able to place the service in the Nvidia control panel.

To others, it is not able to show, and for some, the service is completely broken. The concern is this that what should be done to do normal everything. So in this post, you will get several ways to resolve your G-Sync related problems so that you can do the continue with this.

How to install the newest G-Sync driver:-

  • You have to always essential to keep your drivers updated because with the help of this you will be fixed many issues with a simple update.
  • You can visit on the Nvidia G-Sync website and download the latest driver then install it, after that select the option that says Custom Install.
  • After that, you need to choose the Clean install and then follow the on-screen display options to move forward and complete the installation process.

What if you have the latest driver installed already?

  • If you have already installed the latest driver and the G-Sync is acting up, then it could be that the newest driver is at fault. Then you should revert to the previous driver by pressing on the Windows Key + I, and then move to the Apps & features.
  • Here you will be able to search for the required driver or program and then remove it, no problem.
  • When you have done it then visit on the Nvidia website and download the older driver version, then you can complete your task by installing it.
  • At last, you need to restart your Windows 10 computer system and check if G-Sync is up and running again carefully.

How to Activate V-Sync?

Nowadays, some of the users are asking for the solution to solve G-Sync while it’s not working, is to turn-on V-Sync.

  • To activate V-Sync, you can open the Nvidia Control Panel, and then move to manage 3D settings.
  • Then move to the Global Settings and then click on the Vertical sync option
  • After that, you need to set this option to On, and then finally click on the Apply option.
  • Now, restart your Windows 10 computer system, and from there, things should be working as intended.

What to do for G-Sync configured correctly? 

It is an essential part for Windows 10 gamers to check from time-to-time if G-Sync is working as it should.

  • To check it, you need to turn on your G-Sync supported computer monitor and then turn off your computer system.
  • You have to make sure the monitor is switched off while the PC off for this is essential. Now you need to check if your monitor is in G-Sync mode.
  • After that restart your computer system and then move to the Nvidia Control Panel. Now you need to turn off and then turn on G-Sync again, and finally, you have to restart your computer system yet.

We hope that you will get the immediate solution from this issue with the help of this post.

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