Guide to use Water Lock on Apple Watch

This guide will help you lock your screen and get rid of water from your Apple Watch speaker in watchOS 5. If you carry an Apple Watch Series 2, Series 3, or the new Series 4, then you can start using the Water Lock, which makes your Apple Watch waterproof by locking the screen. By using this feature, you can swim without any fear of water damaging.

Water Lock is also used for pushing water out of the speaker holes on the side of your Apple Watch in order to stop the water from causing issues in the long term. If you are willing to start a water-based workout from the Workout app, then the Water Lock will automatically enable locking your screen to avoid accidental input.

However, the Water Lock, in watchOS 5, can be turned on at any time using the Control Center. Also, if you want to turn off water lock, or when your water-based workout gets over, you can turn it off by following the simple guidelines. Thus, this post is a complete guide to use Water Lock on Apple Watch.

How can I turn on Water Lock on Apple Watch in watchOS 5?

For turning on Water Lock on Apple Watch, you need to swipe up on the watch face in order to activate Control Center and click the Water Lock option to lock your Apple Watch screen. That’s it; you can now jump in the pool and start your laps.

How can I turn off Water Lock on Apple Watch in watchOS 5?

For turning on Water Lock on Apple Watch, you need to turn the Digital Crown, and keep turning it until your Apple watch says watch is unlocked. That’s all; doing so will turn off the Water Lock on your Apple watch.

Note: if you find any drop of water in the speaker holes, this process will force them out. If you want to have more safety for your Apple Watch, you need to make sure that no water drop stays with your watch. Also, you can turn on Water Lock again and repeat the Unlock process.

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