How to Delete Private Data from Windows Device?

Our personal data means a lot to us. No matter if you just give your phone to someone for even a single minute, there is some kind of anxiety in your mind that they would not grab your personal information.

So here we are with you to tell you how you can wipe your phone completely before you trade it or give it to somebody else.

Windows device only provides Encryption for Business Costumers. Performing a factory reset and then load dummy data to overwrite traces of the original data is the best and easiest method to wipe a Windows Phone 7, 8 or 8.1, or Windows 10 Mobile device.

Before you begin:-

  1. Keep in mind to remove the SIM card and any external storage such as a micro SD card.
  2. Remember to back up all your data, as well as contacts.
  3. Clear the data from these apps if you can and log out of services like Email and Social media.
  4. The serial number of the device must be kept on file for your records.
  5. Execute different encryption and wipe of data on the micro SD card too.

All the Apple devices that support iOS 5 or later comprise hardware encryption when you set a passcode. If you execute a wipe by using the process below, the encryption key is also overwritten, which makes it difficult for anyone who desires to regain your precious the data.

Six easy steps to complete your wipe:-

  1. Open the Settings > About > Reset Your Phone.
  2. Confirm the action and then hang around for the phone to wipe.
  3. Attach the device to a PC and open My Computer. If you are connecting through Mac, install the Windows Phone app. Find the phone, which should show up as a detachable device, and open it.
  4. Load dummy data onto the phone by dragging and dropping from an additional folder. Try and pack the phone with as much dummy data as possible. Don’t make use of your personal photos or documents here; instead select files that hold no distinguishable metadata that could be traced back to you, such as video or music files.
  5. Reset the phone another time using the similar process as in step 1. Repeat the dummy data load a few more times to make sure all your original data is overwritten.
  6. Then complete the final reset.

Go and log in to your Microsoft account at and discover the phone you just wiped. Delete it from your account.

Last steps: When the wipe is complete, keep in mind to also rescind access to the device from platforms like Facebook and Google. Head to, click on Sign-in & security > Device activity & notifications and find the model you have wiped, to erase devices from your Google account.

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