How to Fix Error Code 0Xc1900101 on Windows 10?

Sometimes, when you are trying to upgrade your computer to the latest version of Windows 10, like as the Fall Creators Update or any other previous releases, then there are more chances that you might encounter the errors and all these errors one of them is 0Xc1900101.

However, the 0xC1900101 errors are actually a documented problems generally occurs during the time of installation of Windows 10, and they were not a virus in the OS. Alternatively, they normally specify a device driver error, which has some solutions. Here we discuss all the steps or various ways to solve and fix the 0xC1900101 error as occurs when you are trying to install a new version of Windows 10 on your device. The steps are discussing below.

Steps to Fix Error Code 0xC1900101 on Windows 10

Whenever you receive an error 0xC1900101, then this error indicates that it is usually a problem related to a device driver and also can be caused by several numbers of other issues like not enough storage space issue, incompatible driver, security software, connected peripherals, system files corruption and many more.

But before starting the process, we suggest you use these steps in ascending order so that the process will take less time and prevent you from other errors. Here how to do it:

Use Device Manager to install and Check Updates

  1. Click on the Start icon to open it.
  2. Now, look for the Device Manager.
  3. Under the Device Manager window, click on the result option.
  4. Once confirm that if any of the devices configured on Windows 10 has problems. You can easily find out as you will see a yellow exclamation mark next to it.
  5. After that, right-click on the device which is not working correctly.
  6. Next, select the Update Driver or Uninstall option.
  7. Lastly, follow the on-screen instruction to successfully complete the process.
  8. Finally, restart your computer system.

After completing the process, now again try to upgrade the Windows 10 latest version, and this time you should not see any errors.

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