How to Surf the Internet with a Kindle Fire?

People associate Kindle with a device for reading stuff digitally. A large number of people are still unaware that Kindle also comes with an inbuilt web browser. Thus, Kindle users can not just read books, but they can also surf the web. Kindle Fire, first released in 2011, comes with an OS based on Android. It is a touch-sensitive device wherein users can purchase and download books from the Amazon website. Kindle’s web browser was developed by Amazon and is named Amazon Silk. In this post, we have listed the process for surfing the internet on Kindle Fire.

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Turn on the Kindle Fire.
  2. Make sure that the wireless network is turned on and within the range of the device.
  3. Now, in the Home Screen, just swipe down and then select Wireless.
  4. Turn off the Airplane Mode by tapping on the toggle.
  5. Next to Wi-Fi, select the On option. This will enable the Wi-Fi.
  6. Now, all the available Wi-Fi networks will display on the screen.
  7. Select the available network from the list and then tap on it.
  8. Now, if the Wi-Fi is secure and password-protected, then you will be prompted to enter the password.
  9. After entering the password, go back to the main menu by tapping on the Home icon.
  10. Locate Web and tap on it.
  11. Now, the Starter screen will load. It will consist of currently trending websites, and websites selected by Amazon. Amazon picks websites which might be attractive to users and the frequently visited websites for users who have been surfing the internet on Kindle.
  12. The Starter screen is equipped with a Bookmarks feature. You can save particular websites and browse them again and again by going to the Bookmarks list. If you forget to bookmark a specific site, then you can go to the History and get the website link.
  13. In order to visit any website shown in the Starter screen, just tap on the website’s image.
  14. You can also type in the website’s link and then press Go. The site or the webpage will start loading.
  15. To save a website or link, just press the Add Bookmark option located at the bottom of the screen. The link will get saved in the list of bookmarks.

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