How to Unpair and Restore Apple Watch

Apple Watch comes in the category of smartwatches. Like all the other smartwatches, it also has so many features inbuilt into it like fitness tracking, health-oriented capabilities, GPS, etc. This watch is integrated with iOS and several products and services by the manufacturer. The watch will be connected wirelessly to your iPhone by pairing. After pairing your Apple Watch, it is capable of receiving messages, phone calls, and notifications via a paired device.

When you’re troubleshooting your watch or you want to clean it for a new user, or if you want to backup your Apple Watch’s data, it requires unpairing or restoring your Watch. You need to unpair your watch from your current iPhone and disable ‘Activation Lock’ to connect it with a new device. These can be done in two ways by ‘Watch app’ and directly from the Smartwatch.

How to unpair Apple Smartwatch by ‘Watch App’?


  1. Open ‘Apple Watch app’ in your iPhone.
  2. In ‘My Watch’ screen tap on your active watch.
  3. Press the info button of your active watch. It is present in the right side of your screen.
  4. Choose ‘Unpair Apple Watch.’
  5. Choose ‘Keep Plan’ or ‘Remove Plan’ for your cellular services.
  6. Disable ‘Activation Lock’ by using your ‘Apple Id’ and Password. And Press Unpair.

It will take a while for backing up your Watch’s data to your iPhone. After that, it will unpair itself from your current device. Finally, your Apple watch will restore itself to Apple’s factory setting.

Make a backup of your current iPhone to make sure your Watch date is safe and secure.

How to unpair Apple Watch directly from the device?


  1. Go to ‘Setting’ on your Apple watch.
  2. Select ‘General.’
  3. Tap on ‘Reset.’
  4. Select ‘Erase all Content and Setting.
  5. Enter your Passcode (If enabled).
  6. Select ‘Erase All’ to remove your cellular plan. Or if you want to keep your cellular plan then select ‘Erase All & Keep Plan.’
  7. Now your Apple Watch has finished restoring.

Note: Unpairing your Apple watch directly from smartwatch does not create a backup, and your Activation Lock will remain Unable. While Activation Lock is enabled, a new user will not be able to set up Apple watch with new iPhone. If you want to back up data of your Watch and disable Activation Lock easily then unpair and restore your Watch by ‘Watch app.’

How to Disable ‘Activation Lock’ without ‘Watch App’?


  1. After restoring your Apple watch directly from the smartwatch. Go to the cloud website from computer web browser.
  2. Login using your ‘Apple Id’ and ‘Password.’
  3. Click on ‘Setting.’
  4. Choose your Apple Watch into ‘My Device.’
  5. Click on the cross sign of your Apple watch.
  6. Choose ‘Remove’ to confirm.
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