How to Synchronize Clock in Windows 10 with an Internet Time Server

Real-Time Clock

Computers have a Real-Time Clock; it’s a specialized computer hardware device on the motherboard that continues the time. It is always powered and activated, even when you shut down your PC. The motherboard has a little battery which is used to control the clock, also when you cut off your PC from power.

The battery power doesn’t remain for always, but it will survive at least a couple of weeks. Because of this, your PC keeps track of the time even when your computer is shut down. The real-time clock doesn’t require much power, so it’s not squandering much energy.

Your computer uses its clock to record the time whenever you create, modify or edit files on your PC. But the clock’s time and time zone of your computer can be changed.

Your PC’s clock can be synchronized with an internet time server. When you synchronize the clock of your PC, it assures you that the clock on your PC is updated and it matches with the clock on the time server, which will help you to know that clock’s time on your computer is correct.

This blog is going to teach you how you can synchronize your PC’s clock with an internet time server on windows 10.

Before you begin; make sure you must sign in first as an Administrator for synchronizing your PC’s clock.

Note: please ensure that your PC is not on the domain. If it is, then you cannot synchronize your clock with an internet time server. Hence, your PC’s clock automatically syncs with the help of a domain controller.

Steps to synchronize the clock in internet time settings with an internet time server:

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Click on the date and time icon.
  3. Then click on Internet time tab.

Note: If you have PC on a domain, then you won’t be able to have an Internet Time tab.

  1. And click on Change settings option.
  2. Tap on Yes, if prompted by UAC.
  3. And then with an internet time server box, check the Synchronize.
  4. Now you need to select a Time Server.
  5. And then click on Update Now option.

Note: if you have proper knowledge, you can enter a name of time server by your own.

  1. If an error appears, tap on Update Now again, and wait until it successfully synchronizes the time.

Note: when your PC’s time and date are too many times set incorrectly, so it can take a little long time to synchronize the clock.

  1. And now, when your PC’s clock is successfully synchronized, just tap on OK option.

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