Why studying in Austria is a great opportunity?

The value of your education multiplies when the title of “abroad or study from Austria” is attached to it. Not just merely your economic value increases but your personality is polished to immeasurable extends, your abilities to take on challenges expand, you begin to think out of the box and learn the critical way to perceive things which may be unknown to many yet it speaks for itself. All of these qualities and more are well understood by the company recruiters and employers. Studying abroad has its long term perks, however, some specific countries like Austria have their own unique ones.

Why study in Austria?

If you have outweighed the pros and cons of studying in abroad and your pros seem to be higher, you must be proceeding towards the next step, ‘Where to study?’ There are multiple amazing options for your study abroad program and you must be in the process of deciding which one to opt for. We have worked this out for you, Austria. Austria has a rich history of art, culture, literature, and philosophy. Known for being one of the best cities, Austria is considered to be a cultural capital. It shares borders with eight countries, Austria has been an important hub for economic and cultural regions in reflection to the colors of each state. The musical capital of the world, Vienna, is its capital. Austria is best for ambitious individuals who desire to walk down the streets of legendary music composers such as Beethoven, and Mozart.

Besides its musical and architectural history it Austria has a lot to offer for the international students. Austria’s intentions for international students can be seen in several of their packages. Their fair tuition fees have been a great source for the rise of student enrollment. There is also a great chance to study at the highest ranked education institutions in the world, students will also be able to opt German as a language course. As German is an increasingly spoken worldwide language, joining all these people would open huge opportunities for further study and employment.

Higher Education System

The university system of Austria is an explicable one. It falls in the Bologna Process of the European Higher Education Area. This cooperation reflects a movement that helps in ease of transport and employment within its 47 countries that are members. Austria has more than 39 public, private, and teacher training institutes, foreign students in Austria are provided with exquisite experience in foreign higher education. Although universities in Austria include classical ones, a range of arts and culture universities are also available. Each institute allows for all students in Austria to study under a system which focuses on professional-orientated education by providing them with a 3-year program for Bachelor’s, 1-2 year programs for Master’s, units for career-training, and work-based internships.

However, besides English, some universities may require German proficiency.

Benefits for International students

  1. University tuition fees in Austrian universities: In Austria, you have multiple options for institutes and you can choose regarding their fee packages. You have the options for public and private universities, colleges and universities of applied sciences.

The tuition fees in public universities for EU-students is most certainly, free of charge. Students only need to pay union and student insurance of 18 EUR per semester. For non-EU students, tuition fees are 1450 EUR per year, however, there are a few exceptions such as the University of Vienna’s tuition fees is different for different study programmers at postgraduate level, these include law and international relations, for all foreign students. Universities of Applied Sciences decide on their own if they are going to charge or not.

Although private universities have their own demands of tuition fees, these start from 1,000 EUR to around 40,000 EUR per year, there are universities which offer free-tuition in Austria for EU/EEA students, such as WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Johannes Kepler University Linz, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences.

Austria is an amazing country with even better opportunities for studying in abroad program and obtaining quality higher education. Given its affordable tuition fees packages for international students, it is definitely the one to go for.

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