What to do if Windows 10 Setup has Failed to Validate the Product Key?

Apart from installing and upgrading options Windows 10 are using ISO files for has its importance. You can use the ISO file to remove any type of program installation, repair upgrade, or edition upgrade. But nowadays we are getting an issue from the users, and users are complaining about a problem that where the setup initiates fine but after the “they see an error message on their screen that is:-

“Setup has failed to validate the product key”

Now we cannot do anything this stage other than a clean install, though the system could be restarted with its original settings again.

If you are getting this issue then you should restart the system and apply some steps which are the given below:

  • You need to confirm that the latest Windows Updates are installed on your computer system.
  • Start the SFC scan on your computer system.
  • System File Checker will help you to detect and repair corrupt and infected system files.
  • You need to remove all the temporary and unwanted files.
  • To do so, press Win + R and open the Run window and type temp.
  • After that press the Enter key to open the temporary files window and delete all the files.
  • You should repeat this process with the Run commands %temp% and prefetch.
  • If it is for the edition upgrade, we can use it for Windows Update instead of the ISO. So behind this.
  • To domain-joined computer system, first remove all of them from the domain temporarily.
  • You need to clean all of the third-party antivirus software from your computer system on the temporary bases to isolate the possibility of their interference.
  • If the above-given steps do not work in this issue, you can try the below-given process to fix it. Although, doing so involves a clean install of the computer system, so it is the suggestion to backup your data well in advance.

1- Extract the ISO file with the help of Ashampoo ZIP; it is a free decompression program.

2- Then you need to open a Notepad file and then copy-paste the below-given content in it:


3- Now save this on a Notepad file by the name ei.cfg to the Sources folder inside the setup ISO file.

4- At last, you have to start the setup.exe file to start the installation wizard process.

Also, you can try making a bootable USB out of the file and then start that USB for a repair or re-install.

We hope that the above mentioned solutions will help you to get rid with this Windows issue. You should use each of the given steps to save your time and efforts.

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